Poyet Motte Timex Professional Chefs Towels (Pack of 4) Blue

MADE IN FRANCE – By Poyet Motte; Established in 1839, Poyet Motte is reputed all thru out Europe as a leading manufacturer of high-quality textiles


DURABILITY & DESIGN – Woven with a unique waffle weave pattern to provide texture, maximum absorbency and dry quickly

FINISH – A double fold-over hem is stitched on all four sides for a clean crisp edge and maximum strength

Size – 19” x 32”

Care – Machine wash cold, tumble dry warm

French chef Daniel Bold (one of the world's best and renowned chefs) once said, “the kitchen towel is more powerful than any appliance in the kitchen. Get a cutting board, sharp knife and a great kitchen towel and you’re ready to cook”. Don’t be fooled by the light-duty and cheap towels on the market. Those are dishtowels that aren’t good for much more than drying dishes. A great kitchen towel is meant to swoosh away clutter and messes, swipe the knife, grab hot cookie sheets and pans, dab and dry fruits and veggies and of course clean up after the cooking is done. These kitchen towels were initially constructed for the professional European culinary industry and are now available to the serious home cook and chef. These kitchen towels are made from 100-percent cotton that is woven with a unique texture to provide maximum absorbency, incredible strength and dry quickly. A double fold-over hem is stitched on all four sides for a clean crisp edge and maximum strength. Our towels are oversized measuring 19-by-32 inches because that’s what the professionals said they needed to get the job done. We do sell these in a pack of four because every cook needs multiple towels while cooking and cleaning. Conveniently machine washes and dry. Made in France.